I am a wanderer by soul and a writer by heart, my main aim in life is to travel and interact with people from all phases of life. Maybe it has everything to do with a book I read when I was 10, called “Robinson Crusoe” It definitely made me an outdoor person and an avid nature lover that evoked in me the hunger to explore and I know my soul will never be satiated. I can talk to anyone, when I say anyone, I literally mean it. I studied Tourism and Hospitality from Singapore, Raffles Education Corporate College and have been implementing my education in the form of words and mostly on foot looking for stories. I have worked in the field of Travel, Tourism and Hospitality building and motivating dynamic teams focused on accurately administering company programs through writing content, copy and conceptualizing ideas. I started my career with a small Travel Destination Management company based in Gurgaon and after that stint, some of the companies I have worked with are; Decathlon, in their mountain sports brand “Quechua”, Snow Leopard Adventures- probably India’s best adventure travel and outdoor education company and Zomato; the company that shapes up and hones the food market globally. My first Novel “The Power of Love” was published in March, 2017 and is available on Amazon India


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